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Brew Butlers' Yeast database & information guide

List of Laboratories which produce yeast for brewing, click on the link to see all strains that laboratory produces. If a laboratory has substitutes to other strains they will be listed on the details page.

Laboratory Substitutes Avg Rating Strains

Mangrove Jack's 6 ratingratingratingrating 18
Lalvin 2 ratingratingratingrating 8
Brewferm 2 Not rated 3
Coopers 1 Not rated 1
Danstar 2 Not rated 7
Doric None Not rated 1
East Coast Yeast None Not rated 13
Escarpment Labs 1 Not rated 5
Fermentis 8 Not rated 9
Fermentum Mobile 1 Not rated 18
Imperial Organic Yeast 26 Not rated 29
LalBrew None Not rated 1
Levteck None Not rated 5
MauriBrew None Not rated 3
Muntons 1 Not rated 1
Omega 2 Not rated 21
RealBrewers None Not rated 2
RVA Labs None Not rated 24
The Yeast Bay 1 Not rated 6
Various None Not rated 1
Vintner's Harvest None Not rated 9
White Labs 32 Not rated 100
Wyeast 44 Not rated 82