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SN9 By Vintner's Harvest Ciders, Sparkling Wines
Saccharomyces Bayanus – Very good all round strain, best choice for high alcohol and fortified wines but also excellent for most country wines, sweet sparkling wines and ciders. SN9 is another strain noted for its robustness, being able to ferment to 18% abv. ethanol, tolerate high free SO2 and high levels of other stress factors such as organic acids, incorrect temperature and pH. But unlike CL23, SN9 adds weight and high glycerol production making the strain perfect for high alcohol sweet wines or where uncertain recipes are employed and fermentation reliability is a key factor or where low temperature fermentation down to 10ºC (50ºF) is required.
Form Dry
Strain SN9
Temp 68F to 68F
Attenuation 45 to 0
Flocculation Medium
Substitutes None
Tolerance 18%
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