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Saison Blend By The Yeast BayPale Ales, Saisons
A blend of two unique yeast strains isolated from beers that embody the saison style, this blend is a balance of the many characteristic saison flavors and aromas. One yeast strain is a good attenuator that produces a spicy and mildly tart and tangy beer with a full mouthfeel. The other yeast strain is also a good attenuator that produces a delightful ester profile of grapefruit and orange zest and imparts a long, dry and earthy finish to the beer. Together, they produce a dry but balanced beer with a unique flavor and aroma profile.
Form Liquid
Strain Y004
Temp 68F to 80F
Attenuation 76 to 82
Flocculation Medium-Low
Substitutes None
Tolerance 0%
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