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Saison I By RVA LabsPale Ales, Saisons
All that is wonderful about Wallonia. This strain produces the fruity, bubblegum esters with all the spice and pepper that makes Saison so appealing. Our advice: against all brewing orthodoxy, ferment this strain hot! Mid to upper 80°F coupled with good oxygenation, and yeast nutrient will help prevent this yeast from stalling out. Patience will be rewarded with this strain, it may take a few weeks after a vigorous fermentation to finish out, but it is worth the wait. To ensure a dry saison at cooler temperatures, finish with RVA 101 or some Brettanomyces.
Form Liquid
Strain 261
Temp 75F to 85F
Attenuation 65 to 75
Flocculation Medium
Substitutes None
Tolerance 10%
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