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Gulo™ Ale By OmegaAles
Gulo Ale is the latest creation to emerge from the curious minds of our R&D team. The progeny of Irish Ale (OYL-005) and French Saison (OYL-026), this true genetic hybrid is a beast at devouring sugars, which creates a very dry beer without any of the peppery, clove phenolics associated with saisons and Belgian ales. Expect a citrus-forward aroma with hints of peach and a clean finish. Gulo Ale excels in any style where a high level of attenuation is desired without phenolics.
Form Dry
Strain OYL-501
Temp 68F to 77F
Attenuation 80 to 90
Flocculation Medium
Substitutes None
Tolerance 12%
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