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Cluster (Pellet- Aroma & Bittering) USA
Dual-purpose with floral aroma.

Alpha: 7.75%
Beta: 5%
Hsi: 84%
Humulene: 16.5%
Cohumulone: 40%
Caryophyllene: 6.5%
Substitutes: galena, chinook Suitable for: lager, stout, porter

Yakima Cluster (Pellet- Aroma) USA
First grown in the late 1950’s, Yakima Cluster is the daughter of Late Cluster and the granddaughter of Pacific Coast Cluster. It doesn’t appear to be suited to either Idaho or Oregon growing regions in the US but seems to thrive in the drier Yakima Valley. It is most often sold simply as a Cluster hop, with whom it shares near identical chemistry and traits. These traits include a moderate bittering, some earthy flavors and a flowery aroma with elements of sweet fruit.

Alpha: 4%
Beta: 0%
Hsi: 0%
Humulene: 0%
Cohumulone: 0%
Caryophyllene: 0%
Substitutes: Suitable for: Not available