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Brew Butlers' Hop database & substitution guide

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Agnus (Pellet - Bittering ) From Czech Republic
High alpha variety with relatively large beta content, this hop is descende
Substitutes: Magnum, Taurus, Columbus, Target
Alpha: 14
Beta: 7.5
Origin: Czech Republic

Ahtanum (Pellet - Aroma ) From USA
Distinctive aroma like Cascade.
Substitutes: Amarillo, Cascade
Alpha: 9.5
Beta: 5.75
Origin: USA

Amarillo (Pellet - Aroma & Bittering ) From USA
A recent aroma variety, this citrusy American hop is also used for its smoo
Substitutes: Cascade, Centennial
Alpha: 9.5
Beta: 6.5
Origin: USA

Apollo (Pellet - Aroma & Bittering ) From USA
Clean bittering and stores great. When used for aroma, lends strong grapefr
Substitutes: Nugget, Columbus, Tomahawk, Zeus
Alpha: 17
Beta: 7
Origin: USA

Bor (Pellet - Aroma & Bittering ) From Czech Republic
This hop is now primarily being substituted with Premiant, which is more st
Substitutes: Premiant
Alpha: 8
Beta: 5
Origin: Czech Republic