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Brew Butlers' Recipe database

For some recipes we have found 'kits' on the internet that will help you brew that recipe with all the ingredients from one place. Alternative kits which are close to the original are also listed.
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    ABV Rating

Barleywine American Barleywine Extract 2.9% unrated
Basic Mead Dry Mead Extract 11.13% unrated
Belgian Blonde Ale Belgian Blond Ale All Grain 7.5% unrated
Belgian Wit Saison Extract 5.3% supplier ratingsupplier ratingsupplier ratingsupplier ratingsupplier rating
Birch Wood Ale Ale All Grain 6.3% unrated
Bridal Brau Imperial Stout All Grain 12% unrated
Bud Light Lager All Grain 4.17% unrated
Chocolate stout American Stout All Grain 6.47% unrated
Cider Cider Other 5.81% unrated
Coffee Oatmeal Stout Oatmeal Stout Extract 4.76% unrated
Coors Light Clone American Lager All Grain 3.7% unrated
Dry Lemon Mead Dry Mead Extract 10.63% unrated
Duvel Clone Belgian Blond Ale All Grain 6.5% unrated
English Bitter Strong Bitter (ESB) Extract 4.81% unrated
Fat Squirrel Northern English Brown All Grain 4.61% unrated