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For some recipes we have found 'kits' on the internet that will help you brew that recipe with all the ingredients from one place. Alternative kits which are close to the original are also listed.
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    ABV Views Rating

Apple Ale Ale All Grain 4.1% 197 unrated
Apple Honey Mead Mead Other 15.4% 239 unrated
Apple Mead Mead Other 17% 203 unrated
Arrogant Bastard American IPA All Grain 8.6% 219 unrated
Barleywine American Barleywine Extract 2.9% 499 unrated
Basic Kombucha Kombucha Other 0.5% 186 unrated
Basic Mead Mead Other 11.13% 869 unrated
Belgian Blonde Ale Belgian Blond Ale All Grain 7.5% 434 unrated
Belgian Wit Saison Extract 5.3% 916 supplier ratingsupplier ratingsupplier ratingsupplier ratingsupplier rating
Belgian Witbier Wit All Grain 5% 249 unrated
Bier de Noel Christmas Beer All Grain 6.6% 233 unrated
Birch Wood Ale Ale All Grain 6.3% 274 unrated
Birdwatchers sugar wash Moonshine Other 30% 248 unrated
Blanche de Chambly Wit All Grain 5% 192 unrated
Bridal Brau Imperial Stout All Grain 12% 570 unrated