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Popcorn Sutton Recipe  | 02-02-2020 659

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Boil Time

60 Mins






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1x Packet Distillers yeast (Dry)

Amount Name         Type 
2.5 Lbs Course ground white corn meal         Grains
5 Ls Sugar         Additive
1 Gallon Malt (Rye, Corn, or Barley)         Grains

Add 1 gallon of water to the pot and bring it to boil.
Add cornmeal and cook, don’t forget to stir occasionally.
Remove the heat and let the cornmeal cool down some, then add the remaining water, then mix in the sugar and ground malt.
Transfer mixture into the fermenter, let it cool to room temperature then add yeast.
Let the mash ferment completely until no visible activity can be detected.
Rack the wash off the yeast sediment with a siphon tube into the still's boiler.
Distill the wash as normal

Classic Popcorn Sutton mash undergoes open fermentation, so just need to cover the bucket with a cheesecloth and let it ferment. More cautious folk are concerned the mash might get infected with wild yeast or bacteria. It's recommended using a proper fermentation bucket with an airtight seal and an airlock in place. Preferably use a copper pot still for this one in order to keep it true to the way Popcorn Sutton used to do it. Manage the cuts thoroughly, as you’re aiming for the very hearts to get that legendary moonshine flavor. Adjust recipe to size of container. Cornmeal should equal about half or less of container