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Basic Kombucha  | 24-11-2019 324

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1x Scoby starter liquid - 0.1 Litre (Liquid)

Amount Name         Type 
1 Litre Water         Water
70 Grams Sugar         Sugar
7 Grams Black Tea         Flavour

Brew the sweet tea. Let it cool until it reaches room temperature. Alternatively, brew a smaller batch of hot sweet tea, and add cold water to bring it to room temperature.

Combine sweet tea with starter culture (this can just be kombucha from the previous batch) in your brewing vessel. You can include a pellicle, or pieces of it, if you choose - but it is not a requirement. If this is your very first brew, it is beneficial to double the amount of starter liquid. This will bring down the PH-level from the start, and help keep away mold.

Cover the vessel with a fine breathable cloth (or coffee filters) that will let air pass through but not bugs or dust. Cheesecloth is not suitable; the holes are too big! Use a rubber band to secure the cloth tightly.

Leave it to sit in a warm corner of the house (no direct sunlight, indirect is fine). Minimum recommended temperature is 65F or 18C, with optimum around 80F/27C. After about a week, you can begin tasting it. Does it taste too sweet? Leave it alone for a while longer. Does it taste perfect? Bottling time! Brew time depends ENTIRELY on preference.

For bottling (2F), add either fruit juice, fruit, or sugar (don't use square bottles). This will help create carbonation/fizz. If fruit juice, add 10-20%. Sugar, try to start out with a tea spoon per bottle (1L/4 cups), and adjust based on experimentation.

The bottles should sit at room temperature for anywhere between 1 and 7 days, to create enough fizz. It depends on amount of sugar, the strength of your kombucha etc. Check them daily to see if they pop, this ensures you don't get bottle explosions as well. You don't have to check all the bottles each day - check one of them, and the next day choose a different one, and so forth. Once ready, they go in the fridge.