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Bridal Brau 645

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Note: This is an imported recipe, some ingredients might have slightly altered quantities or weights.  All measurements are in metric and you might need to convert to imperial first.





Boil Time

120 Mins


 All Grain 


 Imperial Stout 


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1x Packet/Vial Safale American (Dry)
1x Packet/Vial San Diego Super (Liquid)

Amount Name         Type 
11.34 Kilograms OiO 2 Row         Grain
3.4 Kilograms Munich I Weyermann         Grain
1.81 Kilograms Oats, Flaked         Grain
1.47 Kilograms Chocolate Malt (Simpsons)         Grain
1.13 Kilograms Simpsons Roasted Barley         Grain
907.18 Grams Fawcett Crystal Malt I         Grain
566.99 Grams Fawcett Crystal Malt II         Grain

Amount Variety Time Usage     Type 
70.87 Grams Magnum 2016 Mins Boil     Pellet
42.52 Grams Columbus 2015 Mins Boil     Pellet
70.87 Grams Columbus 2015 Mins Boil     Pellet

Other Ingredients:
Amount Name Time Usage     Type 
9 Calcium Chloride 60.00 Mins Mash     Water Agent
4.68 Baking Soda 60.00 Mins Mash     Water Agent
1.8 Baking Soda 60.00 Mins Mash     Water Agent
0.7 Calcium Chloride 60.00 Mins Sparge     Water Agent
1 Kilograms Whirlfloc Tablet 10.00 Mins Boil     Fining
4 Yeast Nutrient 10.00 Mins Boil     Other
72.99 Litres Water     Water