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Duinen Dubbel 8.00%
Brouwerij Huyghe Belgium

No description available

Hops Infusion 6.20%
Weyerbacher Brewing Company United States

Hops Infusion is loaded with piney, citrusy notes, much hops complexity, and a strong foundation of malt underneath it all.. Glowing a deep amber color, Hops Infusion is brewed with seven types of hops. Simcoe, Magnum, Cascade, Liberty, Saaz, Fuggles and E. Kent Goldings give this beer the complexity that's so interesting. Our brewers intention on Hops Infusion was to create a complexity of hops flavor and aromas, not found in any other beer. Originally developed for our BrewPub (no longer open), Hops Infusion was ahead of its time in 1998, but eventually became over shadowed by plethora of entries from other brewers in the India Pale Ale category, with everyone pushing the envelope on hops content more and more. So, in late 2005 we redesigned this beer with an entirely new recipe and new packaging as well. The results are unmistakable, Hops Infusion is clearly a leading IPA once again. We brew Hops Infusion (6.2% ABV, 1.068 OG) all year 'round. So if your local beer store doesn't have it, tell 'em to get moving!

SunRay Wheat Beer 4.70%
Terrapin Beer Company United States

The Sunray Wheat is a German-style unfiltered wheat beer brewed with a touch of local Georgia Coast Tupelo honey from the Savannah Bee Company. Its inviting banana and sweet clove like aroma gives way to a pleasant, clean finish with a hint of tartness. This beer is available in the Terrapin All The Hits Variety 12-pack as well as in individual 6-packs.

Herbstbeer 0.00%
Brauhaus Johann Albrecht - Konstanz Germany

No description available

Grateful Red 5.00%
Sullivan's Black Forest Brew Haus & Grill United States

Making Jerry proud with an amber ale that's slightly malty and very tasty.